Gifts for Pampered Pets...and for the people who pamper them!

If you have a truly pampered pet, you'll really enjoy our unique selection of beds, feeding bowls, cat toys and herbal health care products to treat your little darling like royalty!  ...And since people need pampering too, we've included a special selection of people products, because a happy human is a happier pet parent!





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A portion of all sales go to help support service dogs for the disabled through Assistance Dogs International. Please visit their website


Dog in Bed
Beds & Furniture


Canine Health



Cat Feeders

Cat Feeders


Dog in Towel
Organic Shampoos
& Pest Control

Massage Chair
Massage Chair



Iron Pet Bowl
Elegant Feeders


Pet Feeder
Automatic Pet Feeder




Dog Feeders
Dog Feeders


Infra-Red Saunas


Bird Cage
Kitty Cage


Dog & Kitten
Pet Care Insurance


Cat Attack
Sold out/Cat Attack





Dog Mail Box
Dog Mail Boxes




Cat Mail Boxes
Cat Mail Boxes





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